Flower Plant Bouquet

We are a small, second year flower farm located in rural ​frontenac, kansas.

Prepare for your visit

  • We provide scissors/pruners and cups with water for you to collect your blooms in. Please do not leave children unsupervised with pruners.
  • Wear proper shoes/sandals. The rows are grass/dirt and the ground has some uneven places.
  • Some of the flowers are supported with a string and/or netting. PLEASE be careful and try not to cut this.

Best times for cutting

Flowers have the best vase life if cut before 11am or after 6pm. If you cut during the heat of the day they will not last as long. We have water already in the vases/buckets. These flowers will wilt if you don’t place them in water right after you cut.

we will also provide a packet of flower food to add to your vase once you get your bouquet home.

When you get home

cut stems at an angle to ensure proper water intake.

Remove any leaves touching the water; these will promote bacterial growth.

Always use a clean vase to help prevent bacteria from affecting your bouquet.

Change the water every 2-3 days, adding additional flower food or 2 tbsp sugar to the water in the process.

Prevent arrangements from drying out by keeping them away from direct sunlight or heating and cooling vents.

What we are growing this season...

Stem of Rose


Cosmos Flower


Watercolor flowers purple Lisianthus


Watercolor Celosia Wild Flower


Purple Aster Flower Watercolor Illustration
Yellow Snapdragon Flower


Eucalyptus branch watercolor.

dusty miller

Watercolor red zinnia flower Png clipart



Detailed Illustrated Coneflowers


Watercolor Flower Blossom

black eyed susan

Watercolor Red Wild Flower
Vector Image


Single Pink Flower of a Strawflower Isolated on White

gomphrena globoso


When will it bloom?

(weather permitting. specific blooms are not guaranteed)


Zinnias, cosmos, snapdragons, strawflower, gomphrena ​globosa, celosia, dusty miller, black-eyed susan, aster, ​roses, echinacea, Yarrow, bachelor’s buttons

Price List

You-Pick Bouquets

Dainty Bundle

12 stems of your choice

Filler included at checkout

Lavish Bundle

24 stems of your choice

Filler included at checkout



Pre-Made bouquets

Busy Bee Bouquet

10-12 Stems of owners choice

20-24 stems of owners choice



Garrow flower farm 2024

How to pay?

there may be times we open the farm and not be there when you arrive. we support the honor system and will have all of the supplies available to help yourself.

we currently accept venmo, paypal, and cash.

Venmo application mobile Icon vector
PayPal Payment Icon Style
Illustration of Banknote
Realistic Dog Illustration
Watercolor Standing Rooster

NO DOGs PLEASE! We have our own friendly dog as well as cats and chickens. If you have a service dog just tell us and we will put our animals up.


Big Beautiful Bouquet in Vase Illustration

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Lindsey Garrow


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